A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A short visual novel for people that are consistently sleep deprived, overly caffeinated, and endlessly stressed (or for those who want to know how it feels).

Ever had to pull an all-nighter for school? If not, congrats. You’re an incredible, incomprehensible being. If you have, hooray, let’s chug a caffeinated beverage to celebrate. Relive, or experience for the first time, the tremendous fun that is not sleeping for over 40 hours but in condensed visual novel form!

(This game is currently still a work in progress! The storyline will be continued, plus more characters and sound will be added! Eventually :P)


  • Enter or Return to start game
  • Space to progress
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 to select choices
  • Esc to quit game
  • R to start from the beginning

Twitter: https://twitter.com/waveoftheocean

Email: waveoftheocean18@gmail.com


06.19.19 - Reuploaded zip file for Windows, fixed launch problems

Install instructions

  • Click the download button
  • Unzip/extract file
  • Click to open (for Windows, click the file named SnoozeButton.exe)


    SnoozeButton.app.zip 42 MB
    SnoozeButton.zip 52 MB


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    I loved the concept and art so much! I really hope this WIP turns into something super big and awesome. Great job dev; I can't wait until the full game!

    Oh, this looks perfect for a friend of mine but she only runs Linux. Any chance for a future release?

    ahhh yes when i finish the game i'll try to make a linux build in addition to the mac and windows builds!!

    Awesome! <3

    Its wonderfull.The drawings are really good too

    thank you!!!!!

    It wont let me open the game ;;

    Oh no! DDD: How are you downloading it?

    i'm on the itch app so i just clicked download. should i download it in a different way?

    ahhh if you were downloading it onto a windows computer there was actually something missing in my original zip file! it should launch now (and it should be fine in the itch app too, i checked!)

    Love the art style! Will be making a gameplay of this soon aswell hehe followed you for more news about this game for a thorough experience ^.^

    Ooooo thank you!! Hahaha I'll do my best to update!

    no, thank you, for your efforts to create art for everyone. Best of luck! ^.^

    I would love to do a gameplay of this for my youtube channel. Do I have permission to do so?

    Sure, I'd be honored if you did a gameplay of this!! It's not a finished game/story though and is very, very short lolol

    It won't launch for me unfortunately. I use the Itch app for all my games :/ 

    I hope this bug gets fixed soon.

    if you were trying to launch it on a windows computer there was something missing in my original zip file that prevented the game from launching, my bad! i've updated it and it should work now (and it shouldn't be a problem to launch through the itch app)!

    Awesome! Yes, I do use Windows. That's great news though ^_^! Thanks for the quick fix!